Media Artist + Art Director
Steez Day Festival

Steez Day

Steez Day Festival

Steez Day Festival

Steez Day was a special festival event commemorating the late rapper Capital Steez. The Family was asked to be the creative team behind the special night.

The Stage Design

The Stage Design

Capital Steez was an outlier of the Pro Era hip hop group and introduced the crew to metaphysics and meditation. He had an affinity towards crystals so we decided to create a DMX-controlled LED crystal cluster stage design for the event. 

The Visuals

The Visuals

With a team of talented animators, we created a collection of hand-crafted animation for the event. From Joey Bada$$ to ASAP Rocky, we had an arsenal of animations ready for every moment. 

The Process

The Process

Final Stage design concept drawing. 



Art Direction

Yo-Yo Lin

Creative Direction

Steve Dabal


Grace Mi

Jun Baik

Josh Heineman

Production Design

Melisa Dougherty

Louie Shirase

Fui Srivikorn

Production team

Griffin Yu

Janine Moody