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Roto Pasadena (2016)


A public art projection series

Roto Pasadena (2016)

Roto Pasadena (2016)

Animated projections on Pasadena's City Hall, Police Station, and Central Library. Created by artists Lisa Mann and Yo-Yo Lin, ROTO PASADENA is a community animation project funded through the National Endowment of the Arts "Our Town" Grant,  produced by City of Pasadena Cultural Affairs and Side Street Projects.

The Project

The Project

The goal is to open a dialogue between Pasadena officials and decision-makers and the people they serve, to bridge the divide between generations, cultures, and races. 

Roto Pasadena Trailer


Roto Pasadena- Library Animation

The Community

The Community

 ROTO PASADENA is a community art project created by Pasadena artists Lisa Mann and Yo-Yo Lin. They have collaborated with two Northwest Pasadena youth groups -- La Pintoresca Teen Education Center and Pasadena YouthBuild-- to create a video poem from a teen perspective of living in Pasadena and to conduct and film interviews with the Pasadena Police department’s top brass and city council members.



Animated by:

Madeleine Rodriguez

DaAe Kim

Brenda Chen

Cheryl Chan

Andrew Setiawan

Yo-Yo Lin

La Pintoresca Teen Education Center


Lisa Mann