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Yo-Yo Lin is a media artist who creates audiovisual installation experiences and explores the possibilities of the animated medium in the context of emerging technologies. She uses intelligent projection/ lighting, digital and hand-drawn media, interactive objects, and lush sound design to create meditative 'memoryscapes'. Her work often evaluates human perception and connection as a vehicle for self-knowledge. A first generation immigrant from Taiwanese parents, Yo-Yo often draws from childhood memories borrows iconography from her Tao Buddhist religion.

She has shown new media works at international multimedia art galleries (Human Resources, Lincoln Center, La Corte Contemporanea), music festivals (Coachella, Panorama, Steez Day), film festivals (New York Film Festival, SXSW, LA Pacific Asian Film Festival), and public art venues. Her work has been featured in the HuffingtonPost, Indiewire, and Surface Magazine.  

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Yo-Yo now lives and works in New York City.


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