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Taking A Bath

Taking a Bath


Taking A Bath Installation

A part of a three artist exhibition in the Lindhurst Gallery at the Roski School of Fine Art. Made possible by the USC School of Cinematic Arts DADA department and the individuals thanked at the end of this video.

Artist Statement from the show: Yo-Yo Lin, artist and animator, brings the intimate space of the bath into a public context, making viewers confront their desires to see but stay unseen, confusing the line between curiosity and voyeurism. Taking A Bath features an elderly man in the tub presenting several dualities: transforming yet static, relaxed yet alarmed, old yet young, warm and yet cold. As an artist, Yo-Yo seeks to tap into the unseen of everyday life, capturing the fleeting moments of “waking up” in mundane tasks in whimsical hand-drawn animation.

Sketchbook Drawings for Taking A Bath

The concept came together when I was inspired by a piece at my Boundary Crossings intensive at Pacific Northwest College of Art, where an artist projected into a teacup, part of a piece entitled Breakfast. I was intrigued at this idea of projecting into water and had applied for the show at the Lindhurst a year ago. When the time came around for the show I decided it would be a great opportunity to bring my installation practices to a whole new level by building a sculptural installation piece, and mix two things that should never go together: electricity and water. 

Through extensive research, safety precautions, and engineering guidance we were able to concoct a way to project 90 degrees onto the water surface without putting any holes into the ceiling or holes in our wallets. 

The idea of a man bathing behind a shower curtain came about when my fellow art show colleagues, David Layton and Emily McPeek and I were coming up with the concept behind the show. We decided to name the show "A Second Glance," because all of our works presented the role of the viewer as someone who was watching voyeuristically at our subject matter. Thus, I decided to try to achieve the same feeling of uncertain curiosity by creating a space for the viewer to become the voyeur, peeking into the intimate space of a vulnerable old man bathing.