Media Artist + Art Director

Sokamba Echo


Sokamba Performance Arts Company holds a semesterly showcase featuring dancers, musicians, filmmakers, spoken word artists, and animators. The group represents the essence of uninhibited creative exploration and the celebration of our human experience. This semester's show, entitled "ECHO," focuses on the different encounters we make in our lives and the reverberations that result from these kinds of interactions.

I was given the opportunity to design the show's flyer and decided to play with my favorite medium at the moment, that is, animated projections. With a Canon 7D and a 5000 lumen projector, I shot three dancers as they played with different poses, manipulating their bodies to create a canvas for the animated projections. I am still amazed at how flexible they were. Lots of masking in Photoshop later, I created a radial design which ended up being the main flyer and program design, along with being the new logo for the performance arts company. The other design I tried incorporating the sense of an "echo" more with repetitive images and manipulating color, and this design was used in the program as well.

Some of the images used to create the final collage design.