Media Artist + Art Director



This interactive installation took place inside a hair salon during the December 2014 Art Walk. Using the depth detector in the Kinect and with the help of 'body scrub' expert and USC Interactive Art Director Kurosh ValaNejad, I was able to create a piece that allowed the viewer, as they walked into the salon, to give this woman a salon make-over. The woman tarts out disheveled after a hard night partying, then as the viewer steps closer to the screen, she goes through a transformation that turns her into a cleaned-up, classy lady (only to go out partying again and end up needing another make-over). Being that the salon is near the downtown LA bar scene and seemed to drip of LA edgy glamour, I decided it would blend in well but wanted to make it a little bit even more over-the-top. I used the style of the cheesy Patrick Nagel inspired posters I saw in front of Asian salons growing up and imagined how the woman looked and acted before she was all done-up. It was a lot of fun seeing people at the art walk animate my drawings with their bodies and I hope to play with more interaction in the future. 


Each frame of the Xbox Kinect 'body scrub' animation


Patrick Nagel art and inspired art on salon windows & Kurosh's own body scrub piece in a gallery. 


I designed the flyer for the show as well, using one of my older drawings of a girl braiding and putting it through a glitch simulator.