Media Artist + Art Director

Laundry Day


Though seemingly harmless, this installation was possibly the most controversial piece I have done, given that the site I chose was the School of Cinematic Arts at USC (and the medium I chose were undergarments). I was told by my professor Lisa Mann to do something site-specific and guerrilla, which I took to mean do something criticizing the extravagance of this school and make it somewhat a subversive spectacle. Semantics. In any case, it was very enjoyable for me to see my underwear fluttering in the wind, along with those belonging to friends who generously donated to the cause. At night, I projected text onto the clothesline which included different professional anxiety thoughts such as, "You don't understand I need this internship," or, "I'm not a writer, I'm a director," or, "They'll eat you alive," or, "They will forget about me." Intimate thoughts on intimates, if you will. Though some higher-ups got upset, their reactions only reaffirmed to me that I was finally airing some dirty laundry out in public. 


Below is a video that played on a CRT television in one of the window nooks of the building, though it wasn't really lending itself to the piece very well. I ended up scrapping this component to the installation but I still find the Debussy set to this schizophrenic video amusing so here it is for your enjoyment.