New Media Artist + Art Director





Taiwanese-American artist Yo-Yo Lin creates audio-visual installation experiences and explores the possibilities of the animated medium. She has shown new media works at international multimedia art galleries (Lincoln Center, Femmebit, La Corte Arte Contemporanea), music festivals (Coachella, Panorama, Steez Day), film festivals (New York Film Festival, SXSW, Los Angeles Pacific Asian Film Festival) and public art venues across the country. Conceptually, Yo-Yo often draws inspiration from childhood memories and borrows iconography from her Tao Buddhist religion.

Excerpt from artist statement: 

"My media installation work centers around unraveling the truth that lies in the subjectivity of human memory and emotion. Just as John Cage was interested in the gaps of silences between emitted sounds, my interests lie in the intricate collage work that exist between our conscious thought. Often times non-linear and abstracted across multiple displays and speakers, my work seeks to re-discover itself over and over again, just as one does when remembering a memory."

Yo-Yo is currently the art director of The Family based in Brooklyn, NY.



CV available upon request.